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6 Types of Nurses Who Should Seriously Consider PRN/Local Contracts


Tara Drosset
July 13, 2023
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The flexibility and adventure of traditional nursing and allied travel are undoubtedly enticing. But what happens when your contract ends or you find yourself with some free time? PRN/local travel combines the flexibility of working on an as-needed basis with the adventure of exploring new regions around you. Whether you’re looking to pick up more shifts or you just want more control over where and how you work, PRN/local can be just the thing to help get you where you want to be, both in life and location.

Wait, what’s the difference between traditional travel and local travel? 

Traditional travel contracts involve longer-term assignments in new locations, typically ranging from 13 weeks to a year or more. Travel nurse agencies, such as Medical Solutions, generally provide housing accommodations or stipends, travel reimbursements, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, and other fun perks and benefits, like rewards programs or exclusive retail discounts. 

On the other hand, PRN or local contracts involve shorter-term assignments within a local region that can range from single, as-needed shifts to a few weeks of coverage, depending on the facility’s needs. It offers greater flexibility in the hours you work and the ability to choose assignments based on availability and personal preferences, but they generally don’t include housing arrangements or full benefits packages (although that really depends on the agency or organization you work through!). 

What types of nurses should travel locally? 

Many types of nurses may consider PRN positions depending on their circumstances, career goals, and personal preferences, but PRN/Local contracts are perfect for:

1. Parents that need flexible schedules

Whether you’re a new parent (congrats!) or a seasoned parent veteran (mad respect), you don’t have to miss those school concerts, sporting events, or important moments with your family.

2. Retirees looking to scale back

Ease into part-time work without being tied down to a fixed schedule or extensive work hours. PRN allows you to stay active in the nursing profession part-time and maintain your skills.

3. Clinicians in-between contracts

Even if you don’t sign a contract right away, it’s comforting to know you can always fly home and pick up as many PRN or Per Diem shifts as you want!

4. Clinicians in or returning to school

You need time to devote to studies and equal parts time to work. Local travel gives you a chance to gain experience in different healthcare settings or specialties without committing to a full-time role.

5. Full-time clinicians seeking extra income

You’ve got big financial goals, and PRN can help you get there–it’s a great way to stay busy and earn some supplemental income on your days off or during your free time.

6. Want to travel but can’t commit to far distances

Sometimes you just can’t commit to an extended period away. But commitments close to home shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a travel career your way!

There are so many reasons you may want to pick up a PRN/local contract, but the best part is knowing you can create your own work-life harmony while still helping healthcare facilities struggling with staff shortages or seasonal fluctuations.

Getting started is easy!

Some PRN organizations, like Matchwell, allow you to skip recruiters and agencies altogether, making it extremely easy to dip your toe into local travel and schedule your work your way!

How does it work? Simply head to the Matchwell site to set up your account and upload documentation, then peruse through their extensive online marketplace for job postings that meet your criteria and preferences. Choose from local acute and post-acute, per diem, PRN, block schedule, or even full-time opportunities close by. Then, once you find a perfect match, you can connect with the hiring manager directly. Jobs are added daily, so check back often for fresh opportunities nearby.

If you’re a nurse with a passion for adventure and a desire to make a positive impact, PRN travel nursing might just be the perfect fit for you!

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