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Take Charge: How Matchwell Lets You Own Your Schedule and Pay


July 9, 2024
How Matchwell Let's you Own Your Schedule

Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse, work on local contracts, or are a clinician looking into the benefits of working with an organization that helps you find the best job fit for your life and specific circumstances, you’ve come to the right place.

At Matchwell, we believe that you, the clinician, should be the one who owns your schedule and your pay. But what does that mean, exactly? For starters, you can choose when and where you work, with quick access to organizations offering local contracts or PRN work. That’s not all!

You’ll Be a W2 Employee

When you work through one of those pop-up online platforms we’ve seen in recent years, you may find promising-looking positions! However, the trade-off is that you’ll likely be considered a 1099 contractor and will not receive the protections that someone employed directly by the organization they’re working for would. These protections include:

Benefits: W2 clinicians receive benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, in addition to Telehealth access and a 401K—none of which are available for 1099 contractors, who are responsible for checking their state market and paying out of pocket to get health and life insurance.

Labor Laws: 1099 contractors are often unaware of the right questions to ask to ensure they are ethically and legally protected through workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and even anti-discrimination laws.

Career Stability: Matchwell offers health insurance and other perks that improve overall well-being and security.

Reduced Administrative Burden: W2 employees don’t have the burden of dealing with the administrative tasks of essentially running their own business—tracking expenses, invoicing, managing business-related paperwork, and more.

With these protections, you have complete ownership of your career—being able to focus on your work and patient care rather than worrying about tax withholding or legal protections.

You Can Stay Close to Home

Travel nursing is a lucrative and fulfilling career for many nurses. It provides flexibility, new places to explore, and the option to choose wherever you want to throughout the country. If you’d rather stay local full-time or want to pick up more shifts, you can choose to work PRN or local shifts.

Traditional travel assignments involve working longer-term in different locations, typically for 13-week contracts or longer. The other option, working PRN or local contracts, means working shorter-term assignments within a local region. The shifts can range from single, as-needed assignments to a few weeks of coverage, depending on the facility’s needs.

Are you wondering if you should consider a PRN or local contract position? These assignments are great for any nurse but especially perfect if you are a:

  • Parent who needs a flexible schedule.
  • Pre-retiree and want to scale back your workload.
  • Clinician in-between travel contracts.
  • Clinician in or returning to school.
  • Full-time clinician seeking additional income.
  • Clinician who likes to travel, but not long distances.

Taking a PRN contract or working local shifts enables you to tailor your work schedule to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you need a flexible schedule, want to scale back before retirement, or need supplemental income, you can own your schedule and pay by choosing assignments that align with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Matchwell, now part of the Medical Solutions healthcare talent ecosystem, is an agency alternative that matches clinicians with top healthcare facilities looking for local and per diem talent.Start a conversation today!  

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