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The American healthcare industry is filled with critical clinician shortages and unnecessary complexity. It’s time for a revolution: in particular one led by problem solvers who value efficiency, simplicity, and human beings.

Matchwell CEO, Rob Crowe, saw that the healthcare industry’s flexible-work model was in need of an update, so he leveraged his decades of experience in the industry to embrace the challenge set before him and the Matchwell team. What happened is a truly reimagined model for providing patient coverage. Not a job board, but an innovative cloud-based marketplace powered by recruiting experts who pre-qualify facilities and clinicians to create ideal matches. No middleman – only healthcare facilities and clinicians dealing directly with one another on their own terms.

Matchwell was designed from the outset to engage the 98% of clinicians who currently do not work through a staffing company, to empower clinicians to provide their services within their own work-life balance, and to enable healthcare facilities to see substantial cost savings. Ultimately, Matchwell empowers both sides to choose the what, where, and when of how work happens. Improving lives, saving money, and helping to narrow the nation’s medical coverage deficit.

A Greater Motivation

Whether you’re a clinician or medical facility, when you choose Matchwell, you empower one-another to make a positive impact in the world. It’s about helping more clinicians provide better patient care through direct collaboration with facilities that are short on patient coverage, while passing along some of the savings we create to healthcare facilities and clinicians. Matchwell also allocates some of our profits and time to help other organizations that are doing great work in the world. So choose Matchwell. Together, we can make a big difference.


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