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Temp-to-Perm Rates: Why They Matter and How to Improve Them


June 18, 2024
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Maintaining a strong temp-to-perm rate is essential for healthcare organizations in the evolving healthcare landscape and with continued staffing challenges. This rate reflects the stability and satisfaction of your workforce, helping to increase retention rates and translating into significant cost savings and a positive work environment.

Understanding the value of a good temp-to-perm rate can help you attract new talent, as incoming clinicians often consider factors like retention when choosing assignments and workplaces.

The Benefits of a High Temp-to-Perm Rate

Cost Savings: Transitioning temporary employees to permanent roles can save substantial costs. Recruitment, onboarding, and training new staff repeatedly is undoubtedly costly. By converting temporary staff who are already familiar with your facility’s processes and culture, you minimize these expenses and reduce the learning curve associated with new hires.

Reduced Turnover: A higher temp-to-perm rate contributes to lower turnover rates. Temporary employees who transition to perm are likely to stay even longer, having already acclimated to the work environment and developed relationships with their fellow clinicians. This continuity is vital for maintaining high standards of patient care and operational efficiency.

Positive Work Environment: Employees seeking permanent positions understand the importance of facility culture in their daily lives. A clear path from temporary to permanent status fosters a sense of stability and career progression, enhancing overall job satisfaction. This, in turn, creates a more positive and productive work environment.

Strategies to Improve Temp-to-Perm Rates

Culture of Flexibility: A flexible work culture is attractive to both temporary and permanent staff. Allowing for flexible scheduling, remote work options where possible, and accommodating personal needs can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Flexibility shows that you value your employees’ work-life balance, making them more likely to stay long-term.

Proper Onboarding: Effective onboarding is crucial for integrating temporary staff. A comprehensive onboarding program helps new hires understand their roles, the facility’s culture, and expectations. Providing ongoing support and training ensures they are well-prepared to transition to permanent positions. Regular check-ins during onboarding can address any concerns early on, fostering a smooth transition.

Clinician Appreciation: Recognizing and appreciating your nurses significantly boosts morale and retention. Simple gestures like thank-you notes, employee of the month programs, and special events can make staff feel valued. More structured recognition programs, such as performance bonuses and career development opportunities, can incentivize temporary staff to seek permanent roles within your facility.

Properly Staffed Facilities: Ensuring your facility is adequately staffed is essential for maintaining a positive work environment. Overworked and understaffed conditions lead to burnout and high turnover. Maintaining proper staffing levels creates a more manageable workload for your employees, improving job satisfaction and retention rates.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

By focusing on these strategies, your healthcare facility can create a positive work environment that fosters inclusivity and offers opportunities for professional growth. Listening to your staff’s concerns and suggestions demonstrates that you value their input and are committed to continuous improvement.

Building a healthy and stable workforce in your organization will lead to a strong temp-to-perm rate!

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