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The Un-Job Board: Nurse Recruiting Without Expensive Markup Fees


Donald Nosek
September 14, 2022

Don’t just post and pray when you can attract, vet, and hire qualified clinicians directly into your local contract and per diem pools

Let’s face it, your finance department is demanding that you take back control of your staffing costs and reduce your budget. The problem is, that finding and attracting qualified clinicians to care for your patient population isn’t easy, especially over the past few years. Like every other healthcare system trying to avoid a staffing crisis, your organization has likely increased its reliance on companies that charge markup fees on every transaction… like agencies and job boards. 

You certainly can’t get control of your healthcare staffing costs by relying too heavily on these third parties. And recruiting is competitive, so an internal “post and pray” job board strategy is not much better. No, for your organization to take control and manage your workforce you’ll need something completely different. You’ll need the opposite of what a typical agency or job board can offer.


The Un-Job Board

What three things do all of these have in common? 

Every nurse job board. Indeed. Career Builder. Zip Recruiter. LinkedIn. 

First, regardless of any MSP or VMS contract you have in place, your organization reserves the right to recruit on its own behalf by using these job boards. Second, given time and resource strains, your marketing sophistication on these job sites is probably less than ideal. Third, none of the major job boards can truly help meet the demands of modern healthcare staffing by including license verification, background checks, skills assessments, credentialing, and more.

Worse, these job boards are using ad technology and “classified” posting methods that are more than 20 years old at this point. Companies like Google and Facebook have developed complex pay-per-click algorithms that are based on ad quality and effective cost-per-impression rates, not simply click bids or a flat price per month/week for a listing. These progressive media companies evolved their products because “old school” cost-per-click bidding markets and classified ads were antiquated, easily manipulated, and not aligned with advertiser goals. But don’t tell today’s modern aggregators or nurse association job boards, they don’t care as long as you—and your competition—keep paying more for every transaction.

The opposite of all of this? That would be a no-cost job post recruiting that plugs into a staffing system designed specifically to manage flex and contract pools. This staffing system would accurately and compliantly attract, vet, and onboard candidates by plugging into a nationwide network of job boards. To streamline recruiting at scale, this system would buy and optimize media spending programmatically. 

The entire program would be on par with the most sophisticated media bidding currently available, in any industry. Better yet, if this company’s profits were not based on a spread on each transaction, your organization could onboard more clinicians and have them work more hours; all while maintaining cost control via a flat-rate subscription. Sound too good to be true? Well, actually… 


The Un-Agency

Ready for a game? Of these four things, which does NOT belong? 

True, all of these are designed to serve the staffing needs of healthcare organizations. 

But only one of these combines all the positive recruiting components of a job board with the candidate onboarding services of an agency. 

Only one enables direct matching and messaging between clinicians and facilities, with no buyout or conversion fees. 

And only one serves all this up through a single AI-driven platform, all for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Here are just some features this standout offers:

  • Gathered and verified credentials, all curated to your organization’s needs
  • Leveraged AI to match eligible staff to job requirements, removing the clutter of non-qualified candidates
  • Equipped with in-platform messaging for direct and transparent communication
  • Provided employer of record services (all W2 external paid, avoiding wage disparity and misclassified 1099 risk)
  • Featured scheduling that integrates with your unmet shift needs and allows your team to literally build “pools” of qualified and approved workers
  • Managed time cards and payments, including approvals and evaluations

Plus, should you want to hire any one of your flex per diem or contract staff as a full-time employee, this company would gladly accommodate without any buyout or conversion fees.

To recap, your organization would get state-of-the-art job board ad recruiting plus world-class credentialing and onboarding, all for one flat fee. I know, it’s starting to sound too good to be true.

So which doesn’t belong? Give up? Ok, the answer is Matchwell, the Un-Job Board, Un-Agency platform that’s proudly disrupting the status quo in healthcare staffing. 


We want to hear from you

Shifting the mindset of an entire industry can be lonely and sometimes slower-going than hoped, but if revolutionary change were easy, everyone would be doing it. 

So how are you taking control of your staffing by attracting, vetting, and onboarding your clinical staff? We’d love to hear from you… what have you tried to date? What’s working? What’s not? 

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