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Want access to pre-qualified clinicians with less effort at a fraction of the cost? Of course you do! That's where Matchwell comes in. No go-between. Just healthcare facilities and clinicians coming together in a cloud-based marketplace in order to better serve their patients. The facility sets the what, where, and when – then the clinician selects the shifts that work best for them. It's that easy.

Why Matchwell Makes Sense

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Find Clinicians

Reach the 98% of pre-qualified clinicians that may not be considering flex work yet.
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fill shifts

Find and book directly with pre-approved clinicians that are interested in your openings.
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Save Money

Pay a flat fee instead of a pricey middleman with an average savings of $14+ per hour.

"As a stay at home mom of 4, I have been looking for a way to have a flexible work schedule and be with my children while maintaining my nursing skills. Matchwell will allow me to work when I want and how I want without the constraints of a per diem schedule."

Kerryn H. — RN

"Matchwell is a total paradigm shift."

Mederic M. — Executive Director, Veritas Collaborative

"Matchwell has given me the flexibility of creating my own work schedule that fits into my busy life. I am in my early 30’s trying to juggle grad school, friendships, relationships, and travel. Thank you Matchwell for helping me work smarter, not harder!"

Abby J. — RN
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Yet 43% of women with children leave the workforce.

Although we don’t have exact clinician numbers; Matchwell provides an easy way for clinicians who have stepped out of the workforce the opportunity to ease back into patient care, as well as a paycheck, while still being available when and where life beckons.

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