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Why you should join a nurse association


Bree Becker, MSN, FNP-C, RNC-MNN
December 21, 2020
Increasing nurse association memberships will help increase our influence as we advocate on behalf of our patients

Have you joined a nurse association? Well, you should.

Nursing organizations are a valuable asset to the nursing field. There are lots of benefits, and I can’t think of a downside. Many nurses often forget about associations once we graduate. We are focused on studying, passing the NCLEX, and then finding our first job. Then we are focused on learning our new position. The first nurse association in the United States was the National League for Nursing which was founded in 1893. From its inception, the association had 3 goals:

  1. Higher minimum entrance requirements for nursing.
  2. Improvement of living and working conditions for pupils.  
  3. An increased opportunity for post-graduate and specialized training. 

Since 1893, a plethora of nursing organizations have all focused on nursing excellence and moving the nursing profession forward. I personally have reaped benefits from being involved with my state nurse association, Georgia Nurses Association. My nursing network has expanded immensely, and I have been afforded numerous learning opportunities. Here are just a few things I’ve gained since joining my state association that I likely would not have accessed independently:

  1. A nurse mentor
  2. Increased network
  3. Participating in leadership workgroups 
  4. Free educational webinars
  5. Innovation
  6. Staying up to date on healthcare trends and policy

Richard Lampier, RN and president of the Georgia Nurses Association states “Being engaged with the Georgia Nurses Association . . . inspires me to help other nurses. It is where we as nurses can come together and work for common goals that advance, strengthen, and protect the profession. . . Don’t go through your career sitting on the sidelines. Caring for the sick is why I became a nurse. Taking care of Georgia’s nurses is why I am a member of GNA.”

Tina Gerardi, MSN, RN, CEA, and Executive Director of the Tennesse Nurses Association, voices similar thoughts on the benefits of joining your state association. She states: “Membership in your state nurse’s association is important as there is power in numbers, and increasing our membership will help increase our influence as we advocate on behalf of our patients, our nurses, and our profession. Your state association is the only voice advocating and protecting your license, so you don’t have to worry while you practice.”

2020 was packed full of surprises for all healthcare professionals, especially nurses. Though they worked long hours and did not have access to adequate PPE, nurses showed up this year like never before. Protect your future and the practice of nursing by joining an association today! If you aren’t sure where to start, simply check out your state nurse association. There are 2.8 million nurses in the United States. We are the majority of healthcare. Imagine the impact we can make if we are united, and we are focused on the preservation of our profession.

Want to learn more about the benefits of joining a nursing association? Check out this article by our partner, Capella University. https://www.capella.edu/blogs/cublog/7-reasons-to-join-a-professional-nursing-association/

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