The job technology that empowers.

Matchwell is the online marketplace where we list opportunities in your area based on your title, skillset, location, and desired pay. Select the facilities you want to work at and the openings that work for you. All directly within the Matchwell platform - for free.

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Matchwell is perfect for healthcare professionals who...

Matchwell_Flexible Income

Already have a job but are interested in earning additional income by picking up shifts.

Matchwell_Flexible Schedules

Want to experience work at different facilities to see which is the best match for them.

Matchwell_Retirement Flexibility

Are partially retired or who want to scale back without leaving the healthcare workforce.

Matchwell_Working Parents

Are balancing family and work and need a flexible schedule to match their lifestyle.

Matchwell_Staffing Agency Alternative

Are currently working through staffing agencies but want more control over their schedule.

How it works.

Matchwell is not a job board or a staffing agency. Matchwell is an online marketplace where you see opportunities in your area based on your profile and qualifications.

Tell us about yourself and your preferences. Where you want to work, what you want your hourly rate to be, when you want to work.


Provide your documentation in our free credentialing portfolio - do it once and it applies to all positions. We’ll even notify you when they are expiring.


Communicate directly to the hiring manager via the chat feature in the platform and know where you stand at any given moment.

Your work. Your way.


All Work Types

Connect with a broad range of facilities and opportunities including full time, contract, and per diem.



Find work easily that you’re qualified for and you're interested in. We help you connect with work that’s a fit for you.


One-Stop Solution

Complete your profile and upload your documentation once. No more re-gathering and re-submitting with every new potential employer.


Communicate Directly

Message with the hiring manager directly in the platform. You don’t need a middleman to tell your story.


Supporting Resources

Access Matchwell partners that provide you with the support that matters – from CE credits to shopping discounts.


Donation with Every Match

Help give back. For every match made on Matchwell, we donate a vaccine through Vaccine Ambassadors.


A better way is waiting.

It’s time for healthcare professionals to have the same luxury many others in the gig economy have – the ability to set their own schedule. Creating an account takes less than five minutes – it couldn’t be simpler. We truly believe there is a better way.

"As a stay-at-home mom of four, I have been looking for a way to have a flexible work schedule and be with my children while maintaining my nursing skills. Matchwell allows me to work when I want and how I want without the constraints of a per diem schedule."

Kerry H.


"Matchwell has given me the flexibility of creating my own work schedule that fits into my busy life. I am in my early 30’s trying to juggle grad school, friendships, relationships, and travel. Thank you Matchwell for helping me work smarter, not harder!"

Abby J.