Donating vaccines.

Matchwell is proud to partner with Vaccine Ambassadors to ensure every child has access to life-saving vaccines, regardless of where they live. 


For every match made in the Matchwell platform, vaccines are donated to those in need. In 2019, we were able to donate the equivalent of 18,000 vaccines to Vaccine Ambassadors. 


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Meet Jackie.

As a parent living in the United States where vaccines are the routine standard of care it is hard to imagine that 19.4 million children go without basic immunizations each year and that 1.5 million children won’t live to see their 5th birthday. As a healthcare provider I was astounded by this disparity. What started out as a conversation with other parents and healthcare providers evolved into the creation of Vaccine Ambassadors, a philanthropic immunization organization in which every citizen can be a Vaccine Ambassador to a child and to a community.


Become a Vaccine Ambassador.

Did Jackie's story resonate with you? Us, too. Learn more about Vaccine Ambassadors and how you can get involved, including becoming a Vaccine Ambassador in your own community today.

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