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Software Engineer

Apply via email to techteam@wematchwell.com

About Matchwell

At Matchwell, we are super excited about taking on the healthcare staffing industry with a fresh solution to a serious problem. Our aim is to introduce a technology model that disrupts the status quo and enables healthcare professionals and facilities to come together for flexible work. We’re working hard to build the right solution, for the right reasons. To accomplish this, we’ve built a team of dedicated professionals that are passionate about changing this industry, and solving problems in a GSD kind of way.

Technology Philosophy

We’ve worked hard to design a tech stack that enables our developers to solve problems. We are not focused on reinventing the wheel, rather we value solving problems over writing code. We are all about riding the edge to find solutions. If this sounds like a team you’d want to join, check out what we’re looking for…


  • Next.JS (in TypeScript)
  • Vercel
  • Storybook
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Hasura
  • Auth0


  • 3+ years professional dev experience
  • At least 1 year JavaScript (either Node.js and/or a modern Front-End framework)
  • You really like JavaScript. Like really like it.
  • Ability (or willingness to learn quickly) to dabble in all parts of the stack.
  • A self-starter. Can get work done on a small team with little oversight. You’ll get all the guidance needed and we’re totally one team, but you can’t be needy.


  • Serverless functions (Node preferred, but any experience is great)
  • Serverless architecture or BaaS in general
  • AWS (S3, Lambda, SQS)
  • Typescript
  • React 16+ (specifically functional components and hooks)
  • Server-side React
  • React Native
  • SQL (Postgres)
  • Cypress (or other E2E testing)
  • OAuth
  • Terraform
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