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Partnership Coordinator

Working at Matchwell

It takes a touch of eccentricity and grit to work at Matchwell. We have a bit of a rebellious streak and believe that working to make the world a better place deserves all our passion. We want all team members to be uniquely themselves because diversity and quirks help us grow and have fun. We’ve always embraced a ‘work-from-anywhere’ philosophy, but this does mean you have to find your own work-life balance, and your own space to be productive. You can work from a sandy beach for example, but you do have to be presentable for video calls. Giving back is also in our DNA. We think all companies should do it. This is why we donate vaccines with every match made through our platform, just announced a $50k school loan payoff for clinicians and have set a goal to save the healthcare industry $1B so they can do better things with their money, like paying clinicians more and improving patient care. We’re working to see Matchwell named as the best place to work in America – We’re too young to have earned the title just yet but it kinda feels like our destiny to seize that trophy and never let it go.

You have to "get it"

To be successful on the Partnerships team, you’re going to have to have a passion for solving the workforce challenges within the healthcare industry and exhibit a pretty fierce desire to be part of the solution. We bring people together. We drive efficiencies. This matters. You will need to exhibit these values in addition to those named above in your own professional M.O.

You have to "want it"

It’s one thing to conceptually get what we do, but we’re on a mission and you’re going to have to show us that you’ve got the drive and ability to GSD (aka “get sh*t done”). You’re going to have to be nimble and adaptive to the rapid evolutions that come with being part of an early stage company. You’re going to have to be eager to collaborate productively with other internal team members (we’re all one team here). And you’re going to have to maintain a sense of optimism and urgency and encourage others to do the same, even when stress is high.


Work in tandem with the Partnerships team to perform market research on healthcare organizations across the country. We need your help to reach our ‘total addressable markets’. Specifically, the role Adding New Accounts and New Contacts to TrackerRMS, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The goal is to clarify how different organizations are ‘nested’ together, and this is a hugely important part of our business.


The target lists will be agreed upon markets with the Regional Managers. As we build out into new states, you will help us research new markets and contact the right persons within the organization who should hear about our program.


Hourly Rate + Team Goal, Details to be discussed.
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