Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a facility looking to hire healthcare professionals or a clinician interested in creating your free Matchwell account, these are the top questions we've been asked to date. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, be sure to Contact Us today and a Matchwell representative will be in touch with you shortly!

Employers FAQ:

How do I sign up my workplace?

Click here to sign up by providing the requested information. We’ll work with you 1-on-1 to customize your requirements and preferences.

Is Matchwell a staffing agency?

Nope! It’s not that we’re anti-agency, we just believe that healthcare organizations deserve an evolved solution for accessing great clinicians. Matchwell is a cloud-based marketplace focused exclusively on matching healthcare facility openings with great healthcare professionals.

Who employs Matchwell clinicians?

Although some clinicians may qualify as independent contractors, the vast majority of healthcare positions must be W2 employees. You can handle documenting and paying the clinicians directly, or we can provide you with payroll services. We’ve got you covered either way.

What clinician positions are supported?

The current focus is nurses and therapy disciplines, but we’ll soon support all other disciplines and specialties.

How are clinicians vetted and approved for my workplace?

Our team of credentialing managers reviews and verifies that every credential is valid, in good standing, and documented to meet your facility requirements. Once verified, the clinicians who request addition to your pool are approved or declined by you. Those who are approved can pick up shifts you post for your facility and become directly accessible to you.

What assignment lengths does Matchwell support?

There’s no minimum or maximum. You set the assignment based on the coverage you need – daily shift work, short-term, long-term, “travelers,” or full-time hires. You can even negotiate directly with the clinician to find a timeline that works best for both of you.

What if I want to hire a clinician full-time?

Go for it! If a clinician and you both want the arrangement to be for full-time employment, that’s fantastic. We simply ask for a low one-time conversion fee to recoup some of the marketing and vetting expenses we incurred for that clinician.

Can I use Matchwell if I have an exclusive staffing agency agreement or a Managed Services Program (MSP)?

Since Matchwell is not a staffing company, utilizing our platform should not conflict with an exclusive staffing agency agreement. We have no interest in managing the relationship between clinicians and facilities, but rather are focused on providing a platform in which they can directly work together.

Does Matchwell lock me into a contract?

Never. Use Matchwell as much or as little as you want and only pay for shifts you book. The more you use, the more your workplace saves.

Can I use the Matchwell platform to communicate with my existing internal pool?

Absolutely. Set up any existing clinical pool and leverage Matchwell to improve floating between departments or facilities, communicate openings, and book your existing people before tapping into the greater Matchwell pool.

Healthcare Professionals FAQ:

Do clinicians pay to use Matchwell?

Never. Matchwell is free to use for all healthcare professionals.

How do I get started?

Simply click this “Get Started” button to create your profile and identify the facility pools you’d like to work in. Then, you can upload your credentials, get verified, and start selecting shifts. That’s all there is to it!

How will I gain access to facility openings?

When you come across an opening that you’re interested in but don’t have access to, simply apply to the facility pool. Once approved, you’ll be able to select the shifts that work for you. Have a question regarding a specific opening or want to propose an idea? Communicate directly to the facility hiring manager using the Matchwell chat.

Is Matchwell a staffing agency?

Nope! Matchwell is a cloud-based marketplace focused on your interests, not the interests of a go-between. Once you’re approved, you can book shifts that fit your schedule and communicate directly with the facility hiring manager if needed.

How will my pay rate be determined?

You decide: set your desired hourly rate and easily adjust or negotiate directly with the facility to secure your spot at the facilities you prefer. Not sure what to ask for? We’ll show you the average rate for that position.
The average amount can change over time based on data from real-time requests within the Matchwell platform.

What type of work opportunities are available through Matchwell?

Matchwell connects clinicians with healthcare facilities that need occasional help. The facility’s hiring manager will post short or long-term assignments that will be available to qualified clinicians. Facilities can even post full-time openings for consideration. It’s all in your hands.

Who pays the clinician?

Some facilities may prefer to add the clinician to their payroll. Others may ask Matchwell to provide payroll services. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Are there any benefits provided?

It varies based on who the clinician is pay-rolled through. If pay-rolled through Matchwell’s partner, a full suite of benefits are available.

How will Matchwell protect my privacy and secure my data?

Matchwell is committed to protecting your privacy as well as your data. We will never share your data without your permission. Users may also request deletion of their accounts and all data we’re not legally required to retain, at any time.