Matchwell Announces Sweepstakes to Give Healthcare Workers $50,000


Allison Stynchula
January 15, 2021
Enter to Win $25,000

Matchwell, a healthcare technology startup with a goal of saving the healthcare industry $1 billion per year, announces a $50,000 sweepstakes to alleviate student loan debt for healthcare workers. 

Durham, NC – January 15, 2021

Durham-based technology startup, Matchwell, announces a year-long campaign to award two healthcare workers $25,000 each for student loan forgiveness or funding for continued education. This is just one of the ways the company aims to advance workforce development and give back to those who give so much. The core value that shapes Matchwell’s processes and organizational culture is to do the right thing, always, and give back whenever and wherever possible. The average RN graduates with more than $25,000 in school loans. Within this statistic Matchwell saw an opportunity to alleviate a burden impacting healthcare workers today while we work towards national conversations and legislation to address this issue on a larger scale.

America’s healthcare workers place themselves in vulnerable positions to serve the vulnerable among us. Of the many sacrifices they make for our society, Matchwell doesn’t believe that shouldering the stress of financial debt should be one of them.

Our nurses, therapists, aides and caregivers of all types sacrifice their holidays, weekends, sleep, and safety to care for us. This is an opportunity for us to care for them and help raise awareness on the additional strain that heavy school debt can weigh on our healthcare workforce. Says Matchwell Founder and CEO, Robert Crowe.

Healthcare workers can sign up and register for this sweepstakes at

About Matchwell:
Matchwell is the revolutionary job marketplace that makes it easy for healthcare workers and healthcare organizations in all clinical settings to come together for shift, contract, or full-time positions work without the use of an agency. Since doing great work is all about empowering the potential in others, Matchwell goes a step further in its process; with every job match, Matchwell donates vaccines to help ensure every child around the world gets a healthy start.

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